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NEXT Wednesday’s Loans Community Council meeting may be the last ever as it does not have enough new members.  At least 5 local residents are needed for the necessary quorum of councillors but only 4 nominations were lodged with South Ayrshire Council by February’s deadline.  As a consequence, SAC has advised that a new Community Council cannot be established.

David Chalmers has chaired the Community Council for the past three years.  He says that should the Council cease to exist, the community will have lost its eyes and ears and an extremely valuable interface with the 'powers that be’.

Over the past few years the council has served Loans residents by, for example:
    supporting community management and plans for the Village Hall;
    helping to fend off development of greenbelt land threatened by SAC's Local Development Plan;
    lobbying against cuts in local bus services;
    persuading Ayrshire Roads Alliance to adopt traffic calming through the village;
    promoting local history and the 'Smugglers Trail’ with plans for a Walkers' Rest and Information Hub at the Village Hall;
    planning enhancements to Loans Park to encourage greater use of this valuable facility in the heart of our village.
The Community Council also provides a valuable forum for raising smaller but no less important matters, such as dealing with blocked road gulleys and ensuring that our roadside hedges are trimmed, amongst many other matters.  It liaises closely with our SAC ward councillors who know the proper strings to pull to make these things happen and who to contact.

ALL IS NOT LOST . . . YET . . .

The community may petition SAC to re-establish the Community Council by obtaining the signatures of at least 20 members of the public, who must reside within the Community Council area, and have their names on the Register of Local Government.  It is most important therefore that local residents show support by attending the Community Council meeting NEXT WEDNESDAY 13th MARCH in LOANS VILLAGE HALL at 7pm and make their feelings known.

 Anyone interested in finding out more before Wednesday's meeting should contact David Chalmers - details here:

Fri, 08/03/2019 - 18:00