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Draft of future layout to drive discussion


How would you like to see Loans Park improved?

Many will recall some 4 years ago how we fought off the inclusion of our park for housing when, along with the Loans/Muirhead Greenbelt, it was suggested that these areas be included in the South Ayrshire Replacement Development Plan to be developed.


Well, Development Plans are required to be reviewed every 5 years and it is not impossible that this proposal is revisited by SAC.

While SAC Parks Department continue to maintain our park adding this year some new play equipment, benches and wild flower meadow planting, the park sadly remains underused and therefore vulnerable. It was wonderful however to be remineded of the value of the Park when it played host to our late Queen's Jubilee Celebration earlier this year organised by the Gala Committee. It brought back memories of the many successful Galas held there over the years.

Recognising the fragility of the future of our Park following the 2018 Development Plan episode the Community Council prepared a 'Park Master Plan' for presentation to stimulate community interest in the amenity value of the Park.  Although this was displayed at a Community Council meeting then sadly COVID happened and like many things the momentum ceased.

However the presentation did bring forward some ideas such as community gardens, additional pathways to and from the park to facilitate accessibility for elderly, prams, bicycles ,etc., jogging tracks, additional benches and planting and possibly car parking which could serve the Village Hall, overspill from the Loans Inn, the disabled accessing the park and future community gardens.

We have attached a copy of the above plan, again for comment but also to stimulate further ideas of what might be done. We would alo like to hear from anyone who would be interested in taking these ideas forward and joining a group to do so.

Mon, 07/11/2022 - 13:27