Loans and Community – a brief history

Loans has a long and proud history. Look around and you'll see lots of reminders of the past.  A small settlement called Lons is shown on Blaeu’s Atlas of Scotland, dated 1654 visit site.  This map also shows Clolellan and Kraiksland, both still part of our wider community.  There is more information about Loans on Wikipedia visit site.

Loans village has changed and expanded significantly in the last 30 or so years, particularly since construction of the A78 by-pass.  Many new houses have been built and new residents have come from further afield.  But there are still a good number who were born and raised here. 

We are keen to explore Loans’ local history.  If you are interested in finding out more about our village and community or, better still, have stories or memories to share, please let us know.  We can help like minded people get together by contacting us via the website.  We would also welcome old photos of the place and the people who used to live here to put in our ‘Old Loans’ gallery.”