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Stagecoach to re-think 585

Over 50 residents and politicians attended a lively Community Council meeting last Wednesday (8 April) to quiz Stagecoach representatives about their decision to axe the number 24 ‘Hospital Bus’. Local Commercial Manager, William Mainus, defended the company’s plan on account of insufficient numbers using the service and diminishing government subsidy. He also quoted from a letter from Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) that the remaining No 10 service “satisfies service level guidelines”.

Residents complained that the existing 2-hourly No 24 service was insufficient and that it would take 3 busses to get to Ayr Hospital in future. It could take over 4 hours for a 15 appointment as connection times between the No 10 and other bus services were poor. Mr Mainus said timetables were being reviewed to improve connection times.

Several other suggestions were made, including diverting either the No 11 or No 585 services through Loans at least once an hour. The 585 (Ayr – Greenock) service used to pass via Loans and the proposal to bring it back was given resounding support by residents. Mr Mainus claimed the additional 2 minutes journey time would require an additional bus but agreed to re-look at the suggestion.

Another meeting will be held on Wednesday 13 May at 7pm when Mr Mainus will return along with representatives from SPT.

Tue, 14/04/2015 - 14:43