The Village Hall

A Brief History

Loans Village Hall opened in 1926 with funds raised by villagers. The Hall was originally run by volunteers from the village as well as Trustees. Since 1969, the local authority has maintained and managed the hall.  South Ayrshire Council now wants many of its local communities to take on responsibility for their halls.

Currently, Loans Village Hall makes an annual loss.  A 2010 study indicated that the Hall could be viable if run by the community, for the community.  Everyone in Loans was invited to an Open Day and other events to give their views. The results were presented at a meeting in August 2010 with recommendations to set up a local company to begin the process. The company’s initial aim would be to establish a community management model and commission detailed architectural plans to improve the hall.  

See Executive Summary of 2010 report.

Four new trustees were nominated to Loans Village Hall Trust, which established ownership of the hall on behalf of the village. A limited company with charitable status was then set up – Loans Community Centre Ltd (LCCL) – with the aim to modernise and upgrade the Hall. The same four trustees became its initial Directors and in 2012, ownership of the hall was transferred from the Trust to LCCL.

Currently, LCCL has 3 directors and over 100 members with membership open to everyone in Loans and the surrounding area. You can help save and restore our village hall by becoming a member.

See plans page for our plans for the Hall's future